Fairlight Galloways was established in 1997 with careful selection of Fullblood cows and a Fullblood bull from several leading Victorian studs. Other purchases have been made over the years to broaden the genetic base. Our aim is to produce high quality "traditional" Galloway, focusing on temperament, and of course the renowned doing ability of Galloways. Over the years we have selected sleeker coats for our cattle to better handle the Queensland heat and humidity. Our cattle are not registered as "minis" although many would qualify on height. Previous show success was commonplace for our Belties, often competing against other British Breeds, on a number of occasions our stock took out champion ribbons with our females. We even used to show at the Ekka. Today, we don't compete in many shows as we don't produce that huge Beltie which is now commonplace. We showed with success at Beef 2006 and 2009 in Rockhampton. Unfortunately we had to miss Beef 2012, but we will be back in 2015. Over the years we have sold cattle to many different people in many different areas. In 2007  we sold nearly our entire herd to a breeder in North Queensland, only keeping a few of our best cows from our best dam lines. It has taken us this long to breed our numbers up again to a level where we have females for sale.
Fairlight Galloways is owned and operated by Stephen Habermann and is situated near Warwick, Queensland Darling Downs. Stephen runs a commercial cattle operation of over 300 breeding females which run alongside the Belties. All his cattle are run on a commercial basis with no special treatment being handed out to any of them.
Ph: 0428 722 733
Not long after our association with Belties began, we became aware of White Galloways. Another trip down south and the first White Galloways were on their way to Queensland. Our breeding emphasis is the same as the Belties - quiet, functional, traditional Galloways.
Fairlight Whites 
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